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White Floral Cat Magnetic Needle Minder by Flamingo Toes

White Floral Cat Magnetic Needle Minder by Flamingo Toes

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This darling cat is a perfect stitchy friend! She is a super cute way to keep your needle easy to find during your embroidery, cross stitch or needlework project! This super strong magnet also works great with paper piecing projects. Just place the needle minder on the front of your paper piecing and the magnet on the back. Easy peasy!

This Floral Cat Needle Minder has a strong magnet set attched to the back that allows you to hold the minder to your stitching without causing any problems with your materials. All you have to do is place your needle on the cat and the magnet holds it in place! No more putting your needle through your fabric or worrying about dropping it.

This cat needle minder is 1 1/2" tall so it works great even on a small embroidery project. Plus she's super cute and adds a little flair to any embroidery project!


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